Sunday, September 21, 2014

Khairul Hazwan 1 years later.

Its been 1 year since last time I updated and post something in my blog. And I always thought that I will stop to write anything. But tonight without a thought, I just scrolling back my previous post and felt it is nice to see back memories of what Khairul Hazwan used to be before until now. So tonight, I have decided to start back writing. Just to inform that I have turn to the new phase of life. I have successfully graduated my degree in Civil Engineering at UMP and found great profession as Site Engineer at Irama Duta Sdn. Bhd. I started my career years ago on 1/8/2013 and without realize time passed by and suddenly its been 1 challenging years to faced . To tell more, I have been given job scopes as Site Engineer at Maluri South Portal site. Maluri South Portal is one of the MRT project package which covers of cut and cover  Tunneling structure which connected from underground to elevated piers. South Portal is also act as retrieval section for Tunnel Boring Machine TBM which punch through underground from Cochrane Station. To be involve in one package of Malaysia biggest project is very challenging exiting and satisfying to me.  That's all for now will update again if my time per-missed.

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